Production Process

The process of production is divided into 3 phases, Drawing Mill, Nail Mill and Galvanizing mill.

In the drawing mill, we have machines that draw the raw material (wire rods) with initial gauge 5.5mm, 6.00mm and 7.00mm into sequentially small gauges.

The raw material is then gradually cold rolled drawn through the blocks of each drawing machine. It is then packaged in reels and then taken to the Nail mill for the production of nails and also the annealing oven for the production of soft wire or to the galvanizing mill for the process of galvanization. The drawn wire (Clair) is hard.

At the Nail mill, the drawn wire is fed into the nail machines and at very high speeds shape each nail, which is then cut and thrown into a collection pan. The nails are then cleaned in a special rotating barrel and lead to the packaging machine where they are then divided into boxes of 5kg and automatically stacked in pallets. The packaging can also be in bags of 25kg.

At the Galvanizing mill, reels with drawn wire are placed onto 36 compartments that are fed directly into the production line passing first from the annealing oven. This process "burns” part of the carbon from the wire at 800 C resulting to the softening of the wire.

When we do not want to produce this type of result, the wire by-passes this stage and instead dipped into baths with caustic soda to get a semi hard result. After a row of baths of acid-water-flux, the wire is then dipped into tanks of zinc where they are galvanized. The galvanized wire is wound in reels, combusted, checked and packaged and passes our quality control department before been stored.